Pier over tropical ocean leading to a brown straw hut

Life’s for Living! 

It is ironic that we often need encouragement to live our lives to capacity. We believe life is a gift from God, and part of our stewardship is to enjoy the life He’s planned for us.

The ancient Greeks used two words to define life. The first word, "bios" describes life in its organic state, and our English word "biology" is formed from it. The Greeks recognized, however, that "bios" was inadequate to describe the characteristics of a person’s life. Therefore, they coined the word, "zoë" which refers to a life animated with vibrancy and self-determination: it speaks of a life driven by purpose, zeal, and joy.

Zoë, therefore, "is the state of possessing the absolute fullness of life." Our aim is to help our clients discover ways to utilize their assets for the life they long to live, both now and in the future. Life’s for Living!