Peter J Miller, CFP®


According to our founder, Peter J Miller, CFP®, pursuing life is what financial planning is really about. "Over the years I have discovered that when someone seeks my advice, the question they’re really asking — behind all the facts and figures— is how to get a full return on their life while they are able. Managing the money, therefore, becomes an integral component to helping my clients maximize their opportunities; but, equally important is helping them focus on the life they imagine.

"I was raised in a small farm town in Upstate New York," states Peter. "It was there I learned the values of hard work, honesty, and thrift. There was something exciting about setting a goal, working hard at it, and then seeing the reward.

"My parents taught me to save my farm wages for things I wanted (like a bicycle), so I put my money in the bank. Looking back I think it was more fun depositing the money than withdrawing it, but then again, when it came time to buy my shiny new bike, it was paid in full!"

Peter began his career in 1978 working for a retail store when they were expanding nationally at a rapid rate. "Those were fabulous times and it was exciting being involved with a company growing so quickly. They were laser-focused, provided great training, and expected me to run a tight ship while growing sales. Many of those business principles I carry with me today."

Peter also served 10 years as a youth leader and family counselor in Greene, New York. "It was there I honed my skills as a trusted advisor, community leader, and family man," states Miller. "There is little a client can tell me that I have not encountered before either personally or professionally. This background prepared me for the complex issues that many of my clients may face eventually."

Rounding out his work experience are 12 years of consultative sales in both manufacturing and logistics. "I have a viewpoint of labor that helps me connect quickly to many of my clients. I’m familiar with the issues that a wide variety of industries present. Throughout the process, I discovered I was adept at solving problems; therefore, when I began my career as a financial planner, I focused more on solving problems and less on selling products," states Peter. "Today, I’m happy I stuck to this principle.

Peter is married, has two adult children, and two grandchildren. He has served on the board of directors for both Habitat for Humanity in Cabarrus County, NC and also the Financial Planning Association of Charlotte, NC. When not in the office, he enjoys playing guitar, tennis, and writing.