Life is a gift from God to be enjoyed. 

What sets us apart from other institutions is we place a premium on managing your assets so you can enjoy your life both now and in the future. Experience teaches that while it’s prudent to save for future events like retirement, living your life now is equally important. We help our clients so they can enjoy the life God gifted to them.


The time we spend together is about you--your concerns, your visions, your opportunities. Listening to you is important because it becomes the basis of how we construct your financial plan. We call it discovering your "zoë."

It’s Your Money. 

Our clients entrust their futures to us. And while investing can be volatile at times, we recognize the assets we manage are not our own--they belong to you.

Financial Planning is what we do.

We’re in the business of helping our clients get a return on their lives, so we encourage them to invest in advice. Zoë Wealth Management is committed to the planning practices of the Financial Planning Association®. As financial planners, we are held to a high standard of care in which we must act always in the best interest of our clients. Meeting this fiduciary standard, in part, begins with a written financial plan, although we recognize exceptions do occur.

Honesty and integrity reinforce all our decisions.

Financial planning is sometimes more an art form than science. Therefore, the bedrock of our practice is to be honest and to present our findings in a transparent manner. What that means to you is we bring an honest effort to helping you along your way.