We’re in the business of helping our clients get a return on their lives, so we encourage them to invest in advice. Our commitment is to help our clients move to a place where they feel empowered, safe, and able to help others. The financial planning process we utilize assists our clients so they can enjoy the life God planned for them. We call it finding your Zoë.




Answer this question: “At the end of every pay-cycle, how different would your life be, if all of it was all yours?” For some, this kind of power (autonomy) has eluded them since their first summer job! Our financial planning process helps our clients:

  • Uncover places they are wasting their money
  • Adopt a belief that cash is preferred over credit
  • Develop a guide towards retaining more of their earnings
  • Eliminate (eventually) the need for earned income




It’s easy to believe that the life you envision starts at retirement—we disagree. Enjoying your life now and feeling financially secure is a goal worthy of your labor, regardless of when you arrive at this stage. Our process seeks to allow our clients to:

  • Generate income for life potential
  • Be free from depending on future earned income
  • Minimize the need for market exposure to provide income
  • Enjoy the Zoë principle that "Life’s for Living!"





This copyrighted process is designed for our clients who are passionate about their favored charities—and want to do more. GENEROSITY© positions assets in such a way that our clients maintain ownership and control while gifting the proceeds to those they trust.

  • Donate based on investment returns vs. personal income
  • Maximize stewardship by utilizing dormant assets
  • Develop systematic gifting strategies to one or more charities



*There is no guarantee that this strategy will be suitable for all investors or yield positive results