What separates wealthy persons from the pack is the ability to live without the need for earned income1. In other words, they have aligned their daily needs with their assets in such a way that having a job is not required (although many may continue to work).   They are self-sufficient, self-directed, and empowered to conduct their own affairs.  

An autonomous person has “the right to rule oneself; not controlled by others or outside forces; a condition of self-determination." We call it AUTONOMY—a state of life that many should strive to accomplish—and it’s where we begin our financial planning process.  

Answer this question: “At the end of every pay-cycle, how different would your life be, if all of it was all yours?” For many, this kind of power (autonomy) has eluded them since their first summer job. Our financial planning process helps our clients:

  • Uncover places where money is wasted
  • Adopt a believe that cash is preferred over credit
  • Build cash reserves while reducing debt
  • Develop a guide towards retaining more of their earnings
  • Structure a plan for major purchases
  • Eliminate (eventually) the need for earned income

Part of enjoying one’s life, we believe, is having freedom from crushing debt, being well-prepared for unexpected costs of living, and possessing a cushion of reserves for opportunities when they arrive.


1 Earned income comes directly from employment, whether from others or self-employed, and is typically taxed at the highest rates. For our purposes, dividends, capital gains, rental income, social security, pensions, etc., are not included in our definition of “earned income”.